Hello. My name is Doctor Giraffe. Of course, it isn’t on my birth certificate, but this is the internet, and all things considered, you do  not need to know my real birth name.

My favorite color is blue. I think giraffes are cool, and I would like to be as tall as a giraffe one day. I think school is a pain in the back. I play the piano and bassoon. And I’m a girl. Don’t ask me for personal information, as you will not get any from me. I like to read. My favorite book is the Bible (I’m a Christian), and I like any Percy Jackson related book. Percy Jackson and the Olympians is my favorite series by-far. I do not tolerate improper grammar on the internet. If you post a comment, capitalize “I” when refering to yourself. I must go now. You shall not pass, stalker.

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